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DIGIVATIONS CAMP DEMIGOD INSTITUTE is a fully immersive international summer innovation and literary overnight camp based on the Institute's unique NASA award winning STEM+ARTS+MOVEMENT curriculum.   It is a blend of world building through innovation, role playing, and speculative fiction. The Overnight Camp's location and environment brings Percy Jackson and the Olympian Series as well as Fandoms to life (featuring a Mash-Up of Percy Jackson, Dr. Who, SteampunkHarry Potter, Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Hobbit, The Hunger Games, Divergent, and more through quests in rustic demigod cabins, traversing through the beaches, trails, and clay cliffs.  Campers and Counselors role play as their favorite literary and media characters and actively engage in a myriad of Camp Half-Blood and Fandom games and athletic activities Camp Demigod is about enlivening each child's imagination, through creative writing, design thinking, film, humanities (ancient civilizations, anthropology, ethnographicmythology, languages, among others), innovation, martial arts, music, STEM, and theatre/theatrical combat.    


Enjoy a Fun Summer Adventure with World-Class Faculty: 


DIGIVATIONS' career development programming enables advanced college students and professionals to receive mentorship and leadership training from the INSTITUTE's network of global academics, business leaders, artists and innovative entrepreneurs who facilitate life long learning, professional development and career opportunities.  Camp Demigod's world-class Directors, Advisors and Faculty each have between 20-30 years of distinguished service and subject matter expertise in their respective fields creative writing, design thinking, film, humanities (ancient civilizations, anthropology, ethnographicsmythology, languages, among others), innovation, martial arts, music, STEM, and theatre/theatrical combat.  

They work as professionals in academia, the arts and industry and have extensive networks with other internationally known performers, actors, choreographerscomposers, directors, film makers, engineers, entrepreneurs, government leaders, industrialists, innovatorsmartial artists, scientists, technologists, and more Some notable Senior Faculty include the theatrical combat and motion capture instructor for the Lord of the Rings Trilogyaward winning fight directors, stunt performers, wrestling and martial arts experts, the CTO of IBM's Emerging Technology Division (lead the development of Watson), the Chair of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (former EVP of Warner Bros.)the co-founding artist of the Southern CA infamous Coachella FestivalHollywood Writer working in the areas of traditional, interactive and themed entertainment formerly with Paramount Television Group’s StoryDrive™ Engine Project, among others.   


Campers are immersed 24/7 with these multi-disciplinary experts who provide collaborative, hands-on learning experiences, as well as mentorship, leadership and coaching to students, CITs and counselors with respect to issues of innovation, skills development (write, design, create and design new methodologies and innovations, produce films, choreograph, martial arts practice) and self discovery to achieve maximum performance in innovative ways as they prepare for their academic and professional lives.   Campers and Counselors play Quidditch and Capture the Flag, traditional sports, and go on quests in the dramatic natural environs of the Pacific Northwest.  Demigods in training can also be found just relaxing on the beach, at bon fires, adance with live musicians, and in cabins creating friendships of a lifetime with like-minded peers. 


Senior counselors have degrees in aeronautical engineering, biology, computer science, creative writing, film-making, fine artspsychology among others, and enjoy basketball, martial arts, sword fighting, soccer, volleyball, and wrestlingSome are content experts in fan fiction, especially Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, the Hobbit and Dr. Who, among others.  Most have a love for theatrical combat and traditional sports.


Our CIT programs are directed to leadership and life skills training with a personalized focus enabling each CIT to advance and apply their strengths and improve any areas where they lack confidence. Our programs are life changing and each camper and CIT has fun while learning and contributing to a community which is similar to an extended family. As such, the CIT provides staff and camper support in ensuring that the Camp is lively, fun, and operates smoothly ranging from the specialized classes to contributing to the design of quests and helping supervise everyday activities including beach time, hikes, games, food prep, and clean up around common areas. 


Job openings for 2017 Summer (for consideration, submit the form below before March 15, 2017.  After March 15, applications will be considered on a rolling admission).


Assistant Director (4-15 years experience running overnight camps) Room, Board, Stipend and ample opportunity for continued professional growth.

Camp Counselors (adults, ages 18-30) Room, Board, Stipend, university & professional recommendations provided after successful completion of work period.

Camp Counselors in Training (register here ages 16-17 do not submit without parental approval) Reduced Costs for Tuition, Room & Board, Community Service Credit & university & professional recommendations provided after successful completion of internship period.  


DAY PROGRAMS (July 1-Aug 30)

Day Program Instructors (theatrical combat, sword fighting, field sports, archery, lifeguard, gymnastics, cheer) Stipend

Day Program Interns (ages 13-18 do not submit without parental approval),  Full Paying or Scholarship students earning Community Service credit  


Camp Faculty and Guest Professionals: Pay it Forward Mentors (Families welcome) Room & Board


Thank you for your time. Please review our website to learn more about all the different programs we offer. We will be in touch shortly. Thank you again for your interest.
DIGIVATIONS celebrates its young faculty and staff!  Clara Berman, Medical Student, Pacific Northwest University College of Osteopathic Medicine, 2015
DIGIVATIONS Camp Demigod Institute's Samantha Fix brings rockets to life through innovation and world building.  After 4 years as a counselor, Associate Director, she has begun her 1st year of a Master's Degree in Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Washington.