WELCOME to Overnight Harry Potter Camp!

Campers escape into the wizarding world of Harry Potter and learn about the spells, potions, flying and magical beasts of JK Rowling’s series. They will wear the infamous sorting hat to select their House:  Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Depending on the week and the interests of the campers, students may learn the chemistry of and make potions, the physics and fantasy behind magic including theories of flight/aeronautics and the "right stuff" behind the Nimbus 2000, as they play a few games of Quidditch. They may also learn about the concepts of rocketry and create their own Hogwarts by terraforming on exoplanets.  In 2017, there were lively discussions about Quantum Tunneling to describe the magic of the train station!

Students may be introduced to the basic concepts of genetics and synthetic biology as they learn about the different traits and qualities of the beasts that wonder the Halls Homequests Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Discussions about JK's werewolves, dementors and banshees will lead to analysis of how to use the best traits of these beasts and other creatures in exploring biomimicry and inventing new ways to live.

Along with the sciences, the art of making wands and the lessons behind spells will be important. Students will also make costumes and write stories including their own Harry Potter story chapters and/or skits.

Overnight Harry Potter Camp's location and environment brings the series
to life through quests which play out through the week starting in the rustic demigod cabin and traversing through the Wenatchee River banks, trails, and cliffs. We have designed Camp Demigod so that your child can enjoy multiple weeks with different themes and common core of STEM+ARTS+MOVEMENT.

Camps run from Sunday through Saturday.  Saturday family tenting available each Saturday night.
Harry Potter Camp will have plenty of tactics and combat training for the campers who will make armor, swords and other weapons which they will master through the expertise of our swordsmen and swordswomen. Following the adrenaline rush from the day's quests and busy slate of innovation and creative activities (art, music, drama), the nights will be spent keeping watch on the Camp and deciphering clues for the next day. 

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