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International STEM+ART+MOVEMENT innovation and literary camps offer interdisciplinary NASA Award Winning curriculum with semi private lessons in Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, sword play, music composition, fine art, creative writing, game design, and TEST PREP. Counselors are from top universities (Stanford, Cornell, Oberlin, among others).

June 21-July 20 Camp Half-Blood, Camp Fandom, Harry Potter Camp & Family Camps

July 23- August 6 XGENS Global Model United Nations Program for HS, College & Professional Development

August 6-10 XGENS Seattle Industry & University Site Visits & Tour

A blend of world building through innovation and role playing based on the principles that kids have an enormous reservoir of creativity and innovative ideas which they look forward to sharing with other like-minded individuals who hold common interests. 


Take Advantage of Winter Rates when you Register by April 15, 2019 with 60% deposit.

Camp Half-Blood (ages 8-15, Taste of Camp Half-Blood, ages 8-12)

Harry Potter Camps (ages 9-16)

Camp Fandom (ages 12-16)

Family Camps (great way to introduce your child to camp while enjoying all that Leavenworth offers)

DIGIVATIONS International Academy: XGENS Meets Harry Potter(ages 12-17) includes 2 day Seattle Social Package and Model United Nations Simulations.

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Dear Families,

We are grateful and excited about launching our 7th season of DIGIVATIONS CAMP DEMIGOD INSTITUTE’s Overnight Innovation, Literary, Music & Theatre Camp: CAMP HALF-BLOOD, CAMP FANDOM, HARRY POTTER CAMP and XGENS INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY. We want to extend our greatest appreciation to those who have invested your time, effort, energy and financial resources in enabling your child/childrens' education and dreams of which Camp DEMIGOD is honored to participate. Moreover, Camp DEMIGOD extends its deepest thank you to those families, faculty and counselors who, over the years, despite the chaos which exists in our World, have traveled from Canada,  Cyprus, Dubai, France, Greece, Mexico, Morocco, Scotland, The Netherlands and the USA. Each team member had an unbridled love of reading, especially Percy JacksonHarry Potter and Fandoms.  Innovation & Literary Camp Demigod has fostered, for 6 years, a nurturing, safe, and intellectually stimulating environment on 23 acres near Leavenworth, WA, where youth are empowered to change the world as they explore and learn about their own internal magical qualities. 

Founders, Dr. Steven Lee Berman, Anne Deane Berman, PhD and their son and Camp Demigod Brainchild

Where does the name “Camp Demigod” come from?  It is based on the fictional world of Camp Half-Blood from the young adult book series “The Lightning Thief” (Percy Jackson and the Olympians). The young adult characters in the story are half-human and half-Greek god. We launched camp six years ago to support our then nine-year old son’s dreams about making the world a fun, safer and more loving place come true. Jacob said, “I wanted to bring my own demigod character to life and make my story come true in a place where everyone was kind to each other.”  As the first and only overnight Camp Half-Blood experience, we worked closely with the original Camp Half-Blood, endorsed by renown NY Times Best Selling author of the book series Rick Riordan and founded by Topher Bradfield of BookPeople, Austin, TX.   Bradfield states, “Camp Half-Blood, Austin Branch feels that there should be more opportunities in the world for demigods out there to find a home to train as a hero, broaden their understanding of the world and become a part of a story that is uniquely their own.  Steve and Anne Berman understand our culture of literacy, creative problem-solving, and inclusion.”  “After speaking at length with Topher,” Drs. Steven and Anne Berman state, “we found there were so many commonalities in our mission to inspire children, that we decided to make Jacob’s dream a reality by creating Camp Demigod.”   As Jacob and the other Demigods grew up, we launched other more sophisticated themed camps:  Camp Fandom, Harry Potter Camp and DIGIVATIONS XGENS International Academy.
Camp Demigods Train with NY Actor/Musician Keith Caram
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CAN Office: 604-628-9825
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