WELCOME to Camp Demigod!

NASA award winning DIGIVATIONS CAMP DEMIGOD INSTITUTE's Overnight Innovation & Literary Camp DEMIGOD prepares future mentors and leaders to tackle challenges in our Singularity Era.  Camps are a blend of world building through innovation and role playing based on the principles that kids have an enormous reservoir of creativity and innovative ideas which they look forward to sharing with other like-minded individuals who hold common interests. 

Camp Half-Blood (ages 8-17, Taste of Camp Half-Blood, ages 8-12)

Harry Potter Camp (ages 8-17)

Camp Fandom (ages 11-17)

Demigod Institute (for advanced students ages 13-17)

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Dear Families,

We are grateful and excited about launching our 6th season and 5th year of DIGIVATIONS CAMP DEMIGOD INSTITUTE’s Overnight Innovation, Literary, Music & Theatre Camp DEMIGOD. We want to extend our greatest appreciation to those who have invested your time, effort, energy and financial resources in enabling your child/childrens' education and dreams of which Camp DEMIGOD is honored to participate. Moreover, Camp DEMIGOD extends its deepest thank you to those families who, despite the chaos which exists in our World, traveled from Canada, Mexico, and thousands of miles from Europe and different states across the US. We believe that their investment in their young DEMIGOD’s has served as a vital component to their overall intellectual, emotional and physical development. It is with their investment in their DEMIGOD’s development and dreams that we continue to invest in advancing, improving and expanding Camp DEMIGOD and other DIGIVATIONS curriculum, programs and facilities.

CAMP DEMIGOD is the World’s only overnight Half-Blood (Percy Jackson's World), Harry Potter and Fandom Camps, we are known for our NASA award winning STEM+ARTS+MOVEMENT curriculum, innovative multidisciplinary personalized programs, and unique setting on 23 private acres adjoining a national forest and adjacent to the famous Leavenworth, WA area. Many Campers have returned year after year to this magical world which positively embraces their individualism and like minded creativity, strengthens their bonds of friendship which transcend distance and time zones, are fueled by their vibrant cultural differences, distinctly varied yet richly intersecting talents, joyous shared interests, and empowering imaginations.

CAMP DEMIGOD enables campers to safely explore, learn and apply their new knowledge, and connect with and enrich their intellectual, emotional and physical intelligences through collaborative world building projects, games including Capture the Flag, D&D and Magic, sportsmanship through theatrical combat and Quidditch, and artistic pursuits writing stories, and music which are often developed and expressed in the form of short skits and plays.

DIGIVATIONS CAMP DEMIGOD’s curriculum integrates aural, visual and kinesthetic learning about topics as diverse as ancient Greece and other early civilizations, astronomy, architecture, advanced and biological computing, artificial intelligence, biomimicry, biotechnology, design thinking, engineering, genetics, physics ranging from celestial mechanics, Newton’s laws and quantum mechanics, virtual and augmented reality.

The beauty underlying this learning is Campers’ applications in creating and making art, performing music, skits and plays, and writing a diverse array of literature. Most significantly is that Campers refine their critical thinking and problem solving skills, enhance their empathy and connect with and enliven their passions and imaginations which ingredients inspired Albert Einstein, the great thinkers and philosophers such as Aristotle, Plato and Socrates, and world transforming artists and musicians.

Drs. Steve,  Anne and Jacob Berman along with the town of Leavenworth, WA invite your DEMIGOD to join us this summer as we integrate the old and celebrate the new enriching offerings, inspiring faculty and additional facilities including a cabin addition.