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We are delighted to announce New Faculty! 

DIGIVATIONS INSTITUTE Board Member and Camp Demigod Faculty Chuck Dages,  Advisor and former EVP of Warner Bros. Chuck has been instrumental in redefining traditional entertainment industries in film, television and games, and creating new businesses in digital technologies while working with the talent which has driven epic movies such as Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Inception, Matrix, and many others. Read More...

Summer Camp Registration is Open!

ImagineSTEM - Science+Literature+Creative Arts

NASA award winning curriculum is taught all year long: Imagine an adventure where everything has a connection to everything else. Make sense of the world around you by discussing current and historical events and the great minds who  bring science and technology ideas to life through inventions, stories/books, films and games, drama and music. Fuel your imagination, creative process and inventive spirit having fun using these ideas while engaging in a creative activity, game, and solving building challenges with LEGO, Simple Machines, Rockets, Robots, various Science kits, and NASA materials.Through story/movie making, improvisation, and more, you will unlock and use the power and mystery of STEM+ARTS+MOVEMENT to develop new innovations or create new artistic expressions.

Contact Drs. Steven and Anne Deane Beman 604-628-9825 or 360-543-5641