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DIGIVATIONS NASA Award Winning STEM+ARTS+MOVEMENT Programs Feature Internationally known Faculty and Guest Speakers.  

We look forward to igniting your kids' imaginations through innovative, science, technology, art, movement and hands-on creative activities inside and outdoors! Read our NEWSLETTER for current course offerings.
Robotics Clubs are located in Ladner, BC (Canada) and Mercer Island, WA (USA).  Call 360-543-5641 or 604-628-9825 for information or email
Robotics Club is where students create virtual sets for robot plays around science and technology themes.

DIGIVATIONS addresses educational/academic, industry and government stakeholders' needs in creative technologies and multidisciplinary STEM, artistic, and humanities fields. Our mission includes cultivating next generation innovators through the application of hands on STEM in K-12 enrichment through advanced university education and corporate training utilizing engaging approaches. We offer professional development through our unique ImagineSTEM curriculum. 

We offer programs throughout British Columbia, Alaska, California and the Pacific Northwest providing real world solutions (alternative energy, biotechnology, commercial space, design thinking, sustainability, and more) to 21st Century Challenges. A core focus is individuals' dynamic understanding and acquisition of STEM foundational concepts exceeding Provincial and States' standards. We produce international Innovation Summits with global thought leaders, intellectual property strategists and decision makers to catalyze productive transformation and adaptation in the Innovation Pipeline. Read more...
The World's First and Only Overnight Camp Half-Blood and Camp Fandom located in the Pacific Northwest in idyllic Point Roberts, WA
Win up to $500 toward Camp Tuition!
Innovative Xpression Creative Writing and Video Competition!  Learn more

Join TEAM DIGIVATIONS & MI Boy Scout Troop 647 as We Team Up with University of Washington's Society for Advanced Rocket Propulsion
UW's 2014 Society for Advanced Rocket Propulsion Competition Rocket

Introductory Meeting April 27 at 7:30pm, Mercer Island, WA
MI Boy Scout Troup 647 at Redeemer Lutheran Church, 6001 Island Crest Way

Do you ever think about space travel and working with future astronauts? You now have that opportunity when you join our Team and participate in hands-on rocketry.

Welcome to an awesome and fun challenge. NASA award winning DIGIVATIONS CAMP DEMIGOD INSTITUTE, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit,  focused on STEM+ARTS + MOVEMENT invites aspiring Mercer Island teen engineers to team up with University of Washington's Society for Advanced Rocket Propulsion team member and DIGIVATIONS instructor, Samantha Fix. Sam is a 4th year Aeronautical Engineering student responsible for several aspects of the rocket team including propulsion.  They are launching a 2 meter tall rocket to 10,000 feet above the ground. And you can be part of the team that designs it!

DIGIVATIONS Founders, the parents of Jacob Berman, a MI Troop 647 Boy Scout, Drs. Anne and Steven Berman have offered interested teens of Mercer Island an amazing opportunity - To join a team that is designing and building the payload for a 2 meter tall rocket that will compete in an international collegiate competition this June.

On Monday, 27 April, at 7:30 pm (please arrive by 7:15 pm) the rocket team leader, Ms Samantha Fix - A 4th year University of Washington Aeronautical Engineering student, will present the challenge at the MI Boy Scout Troop 647 meeting.  The meeting is at Redeemer Lutheran Church, 6011 Island Crest Way, Mercer Island (please park in the back lot).

What’s a payload, you ask? It’s everything on the rocket that doesn’t have to do with propulsion or guidance. It’s the very reason for launching the rocket! And this payload can be just about anything you want to make it.

The rocket will fly to an apogee of 10,000 feet above the ground and needs a payload of 10 lbs. that will return to Earth intact and close to the launch point. The MI teens get to design and build the payload with Ms. Fix’s guidance (other members of the team, off MI, are designing and building the rest of the rocket).

The rocket will fly in June (just over a month away) in the state of Utah. Teams from around the world will be competing and the launch will be available on a live video stream. You can see a video from last year's competition .  Videos of Ms. Fix’s team are

Team DIGIVATIONS wants to emphasize the importance of the opportunity for students to work independently on designing the payload with minimal parental participation as per the rules of  the Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition, IREC, administering the competition. DIGIVATIONS is also excited about the unique challenge for young men and women to collaborate together regarding this international competition.

Team DIGIVATIONS may also include one or more of its Canadian Scouting students providing an exciting North American component.

You don't want to miss this meeting - come and learn about this fantastic opportunity!

Contact:  Drs. Steven and Anne Berman, 360-543-5641 or &

We are delighted to announce New Advisory Board Members!  Learn more